Friday, December 30, 2011

Classic Neutral Eye Red Lip LOTD using Urban Decay Naked Palette

Since I have the greatest mom in the world, I'm now the proud owner of an Urban Decay Naked Palette. I wanted one for a long time but could never seem to find one in stock when I had the money. But now I've got it and I'm a happy girl! I can definitely see what the fuss was all about, I really love it. I like being able to easily do neutral eye looks so I have more room to play up my lips. Speaking of lips, Caleb got me a couple of the new Lime Crime glosses for Christmas, and this red one is my favorite. I'll be reviewing them as well as the primer soon. I wore this classic look to go to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other night. (Really liked it, btw)

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Urban Decay "Virgin" all over inner half of lid
-UD "Sidecar" on outer half of lid
-mixture of "Buck" and "Naked" on crease
-MAC Feline black eyeliner on upper lashline
-Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion black mascara

-NYX "Burgundy" lip liner
-Morgana Cryptoria "Very Cherry" lipstick
-Lime Crime "Candy Apple" lip gloss (I'm in love with this stuff)

I never get tired of this look even though I really don't wear it enough. I feel like it's perfect for any occasion. Let me know what you think, and I hope everyone has a lovely (and safe!) New Years!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Golden Triforce LOTD

I really love Shiro's "Triforce" eyeshadow, and not just because of the name. It's a really beautiful sparkly gold, and in my opinion is on par with Sugarpill "Goldilux." I wore it the other day and had to wear it again for this look.

What I Used:
-Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper (still testing this stuff)
-Shiro Cosmetics "Sudowoodo" in crease
-Shiro "Triforce" over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on main lid
-Shiro "A Neat Gun" along lower lashline
-Persephone Minerals "Pegasus" on inner corners
-Kat Von D tattoo liner pen on upper lashline
-Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion black mascara

-Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation in "Frisky Persian"
-Clinique blush in "Smoldering Plum"

-Avon "Sparkling Peach" lipstick

I really am starting to feel like my pictures aren't accurately capturing my looks. They always look so much better in person. I'm going to have to try another method, if you guys have any tricks let me know. It'd be nice if I had a macro lens, but for now my Rebel's default lens will have to do.

Have a lovely evening!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Still Alive LOTD with Shiro Cosmetics

My mom asked me to go Christmas shopping with her yesterday and man was it nuts out there. Unfortunately I still have some shopping to do, and I'm definitely not looking forward to getting back in that madness. This is the look I wore yesterday.

-Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper (I got this stuff on sale and I'm going to review it soon, this was my first time using it)
-Shiro Cosmetics "Zora" on crease and lower lashline
-Shiro Cosmetics "Majora's Mask" center of the lid
-Shiro Cosmetics "Still Alive" on the inner lid and inner corners
-Persephone Minerals "Princess Jupiter" on inner lower lashline, blended into Zora
-Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" on upper lashline
-Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion black mascara

-Avon mineral lipstick in "Crystal Coral"

I really love this look! I think the bit of blue-violet from Majora's Mask is what keeps it from being a typical blue-green look. I love that eyeshadow, you can't see it very well here, but it is loaded with pretty gold sparkles. Nothing less from Shiro, though. :)

Have a lovely evening!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tacky Christmas Nails to Match Your Tacky Christmas Sweater

Okay, they aren't THAT tacky, but these days it's generally considered pretty tacky to wear red and green. It seems like "holiday" colors nowadays that are safe to wear are things like gold, silver, blue, and white. I figured I'd go cheesy, and I'm glad I did because I personally love this manicure :D
I used Zoya "Kristi," which is a very pretty pure red, and China Glaze "Party Hearty" on top of that, which is a ridiculous Christmas glitter polish that I LOVE. I just used a plain white striper to do the candy cane stripes and put a coat of Seche Vite on top. Now all I need is an oversized red sweater with a big Rudolph face on it.

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Black Cherry EOTD

So wow, Christmas is almost here. It really snuck up on me again, like it always does. I wore this look out the other day to go Christmas shopping (and birthday shopping for my mom). I like this color scheme. It's pink without being "cute," which is good sometimes. It also sort of matches my hair. Gosh my eyes look mean! You might even say my eyes can be so cruel...

What I Used:
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Persephone Minerals "Black Lady" outer V and crease
-Sugarpill "Love +" as a transitional color between the blackened pink and bright pink
-Shiro Cosmetics "Because We Can" on the center of the lid
-Persephone Minerals "Small Lady" on the inner corner
-Maybelline Great Lash "Big" black mascara
-MAC "Feline" black eyeliner

I did a lot of sweeping/blending because I wanted this to be very gradient-like. I think the use of Love+ between "Black Lady" and "Because We Can" really helped boost that effect.

Next time I'll have a full LOTD and not just eyes. I'm starting to feel like my old self again when it comes to makeup, so hopefully I'll get back into posting as regularly as I used to. :)

Have a lovely day!