Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Portals LOTD using Shiro Cosmetics

I wanted to do a look from the new Science Collection from Shiro Cosmetics using blue and orange since those are the colors of the two portals in the game the collection is inspired by. "Thinking With Portals" is orange with blue sparkles and "A Neat Gun" is blue with orange sparkles, so I'm thinking these two colors were meant to represent the two portals. This is what I came up with.
Check out that hair. That's what it looks like when I do nothing to it. Not as scary as it was before I cut it, but still pretty bad. haha

-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (just on the lid)
-Shiro Cosmetics "Emancipation Grid" all over crease and blended up
-Shiro Cosmetics "A Neat Gun" directly in crease and blended into Emancipation Grid
-Persephone Minerals "Ami" (just a touch) in the outer crease to darken it more
-Shiro Cosmetics "Thinking With Portals" all over main lid
-Shiro Cosmetics "I Feel Fantastic" inner corners
-Kat Von D eyeliner pen in "Trooper" (black)
-Stila eyeliner in "Blue Ribbon" on lower lashline
-Rimmel white eyeliner on waterline
-Maybelline Lash Stiletto black mascara

-Morgana Cryptoria "Roses and Violets"

Blue and orange is not a color combination I would normally think to use, but I actually think it looks pretty good. It's very "wearable," by my standards anyway. A Neat Gun is such a pretty blue, I can see myself using this color a lot. Let me know what you think!

Have a lovely evening!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics "Science" Collection Swatches

I was really excited when Shiro Cosmetics released the new Science collection the other day. This particular collection was inspired by the game, Portal. I've never played Portal myself, but I'm familiar with it because my boyfriend really likes it. He was tickled when I told him about this collection and even helped me pick out which colors to get.
They got here REALLY fast. I placed my order the day they were released and they shipped the very next day. I've always found that Caitlin ships really quickly and everything is always packaged really nicely. This time I even got a couple pieces of Lychee candy :3 Anyway, on to the swatches! As always, these are swatched on top of a thin layer of Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I recommend clicking on these to enlarge them to really get the full effect!

My favorites are Because We Can, A Neat Gun, Shall Not Be Mourned, and Huge Success. It's hard to see in the photo, but Huge Success is a very bright silver with loads of multicolored sparkles. It's really really gorgeous. Shall Not Be Mourned looks nothing like the photo on the website, it's actually a dark bronze-y gold. It's finish is different than the others in that it's not sparkly, but really silky and has kind of a pearly look to it(The finish is very similar to Ganondorf from the Legends Collection). Because We Can is VERY bright! I don't know if you can tell how bright it is in the photos, but it is, and it's gorgeous. (Phyrra, if you're reading this, I hope you got this color because I thought of you when I swatched it.)

What do you guys think? I'm impressed, but I expected no less from Shiro. Let me know what colors you like, and if you plan to try any from this collection!

I'll leave you with this, the credits song from the first Portal game. You'll see where a few of the names came from just from this :) Beware, it WILL get stuck in your head!

Have a lovely evening!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

" a sunset" LOTD

Sup guys? Did you think I died? I thought I did too there for a minute. School got REALLY crazy for the last 3 weeks, but it's all over now thank GOD. Another issue I had was my skin breaking out. Not acne or anything, but I have a chronic skin condition that flares up from time to time, and I think all the stress was making it particularly bad so I wasn't wearing any makeup. Anyway, I'm back. For real. With a LOTD. It's a sunset.

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-a mixture of Sugarpill "Flamepoint" and "Love+" in the crease (started out with Flamepoint, but it wasn't dark enough so I added some Love+)
-Persephone Minerals "Mars Crystal Power" over some Pixie Epoxy on the main lid
-Persephone Minerals "Princess Venus" on inner corners
-Persephone Minerals "Chibiusa" on lower lashline
-MAC Feline on waterline
-Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" along upper lashline
-Maybelline Lash Stiletto black mascara

-Fyrinnae lip lustre in "Lollipop-Pop"

Man it's been a while. I've missed it, really. I think considering how long it's been since I've done any serious makeup, this looks pretty decent. Also, say goodbye to that hair. I'm chopping it off on Tuesday and putting bright red and purple highlights in it. I know I know, it's pretty long. But it's also a pain in the ass and very damaged at the ends. I was planning on waiting to come back until I'd gotten my hair done, but when I saw it'd been a whole MONTH since my last post I decided to come back asap. I missed everybody! :D