Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Oddish

OKAY, so this was originally supposed to be my Halloween costume. I wore it out, but ehhhh it didn't turn out like I had hoped. What you see here is at 2:30am, after I got home. My hair had been up in a ponytail high on top of my head but I had taken it down, hence the crazy look. Spraying my hair green is where I went wrong, pretty much. And once you do that, you're pretty much stuck with it unless you have time to wash your hair, dry it, and style it all over again, which I did not. Oh well. I have a look for you guys anyway :D

What I Used:
-NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk smudged out from lid to brow
-Shiro Cosmetics "Budew" applied heavily all over the lid
-Fyrinnae "Snow Bunny" in crease
-Sugarpill "Poison Plum" lightly in outer crease and along lower lashline
-Shiro Cosmetics "Spinarak" on inner V
-Sugarpill "Tako" underneath brow
-NYX pencil in "Black Bean" on waterline with Poison Plum on top
-Kat Von D black tattoo liner on upper lashline and extended out
-Maybelline Falsies black mascara

I was really pleased with how the makeup turned out, even though the costume ended up being a complete and utter fail. Since today is the real Halloween, I'm going to throw something together really quick and my makeup is going to be amazing. Pictures will happen. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

China Glaze Zombie Zest Nail Polish and Revlon's Va Va Violet Lipstick

I went to Sally's the other day (rare for me) and saw the Halloween China Glaze colors and of course had to get one. I was there to get purple, but couldn't resist Zombie Zest! Since the theme colors of my costume are green and purple, I figured why not put them together? The result wasn't exactly how I pictured, but it's really pretty! The purple I used is China Glaze "Grape Juice."
The mixture of the two kind of looks brownish in these pictures, but it's not at all. It's sort of a dark gold but you can definitely see the green glitter from Zombie Zest. I love it!

I was on the hunt for some purple lipstick as well. (This is all for my Halloween costume.) I would have just ordered from Fyrinnae or Morgana, but I waited too late and wouldn't have gotten it in time so I was just looking in Walmart. I had no idea how hard it is to find a purple lipstick! Browns, plums, pinks, and reds. That's it! The closest thing to a true purple I could find was Revlon Va Va Violet.

Looks red to me! It's a really lovely color and I don't regret getting it, especially for just $5, but it doesn't look like it does in the tube. I was expecting a really dark purple. Oh well. I'm thinking of mixing it with Morgana's Serenity (blue) to get more of a true purple, we'll see how that goes.

A Pokemon for Halloween: Rapidash

So, I realized I hadn't done a fire Pokemon yet so what better one to do than Rapidash? I know, I know..Charizard. Well I like Rapidash better so deal with it. I mean come's a flaming unicorn. :D I used false eyelashes for this look and said to myself "Psh I'll just throw these on really quick to take the pictures and then take them off no big deal." Yeah can clearly see I didn't try very hard when putting them on so don't laugh. Anywaaay, here's what it looks like.

-NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Cottage Cheese" smudged out from lid to brow
-Shiro "Dunsparce" and Fyrinnae "Polar Bear" mixed together all over lid
-"Sugarpill "Love +" "Flamepoint" and "Buttercupcake" in the crease, all blended upwards
-Shiro "Meowth" on browbone
-Flamepoint again on lower lashline
-Sherani #126 lashes
-NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" on waterline

-Lipstick is Revlon "Blushed"

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, aside from the eyelashes fail. You know what would have worked better for the lid color? Shiro's Rapidash. Huh, imagine that. Too bad I don't have it. T^T I did order some samples from the new collection, though, and they will likely be used for my costume. Halloween is pretty close, get excited for my Oddish look! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Growlithe

I know Growlithe isn't really a bright orange, but I didn't really have the color he actually is and I figured orange was close enough since he sort of looks like a tiger. Besides, sometimes he looks goldish and sometimes he looks more orange, so it depends on what picture you're looking at. I originally wanted to do tiger stripes for this look but ehh..that didn't really work out. Over the top theatrical makeup isn't really my strong spot. hah. Anyway, here's what I came up with.

-NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" smudged out from lid to brow
-Sugarpill "Flamepoint" all over lid and lower lashline and blended out
-Shiro "Dunsparce" and "Meowth" mixed together from inner corner blended up above the orange to the brow
Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" for the black lines
Rimmel white eyeliner on waterline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

I apologize for this one, I really don't feel like it's my best work. If you can't tell from the pictures I haven't been feeling too well today. I'm not sick or anything, just really blah. I still wanted to do a look today, though so I did my best! I promise I'll be back to normal tomorrow with an awesome look. :D I really wanna do Ho-Oh, but I'm not sure how to do it yet.

Have a lovely evening! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

So I Herd U Liek Mudkipz...

If you don't get it, go to Google and type in Mudkip and you'll understand. I don't know how this meme got started, and I know it's old but I couldn't resist. :P Plus I really wanted to try out Flamepoint without picking something obvious like Charmander.

-NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk (inner 1/2) and Electric Blue (outer V)
-Sugarpill Afterparty + Tako mixed together on outer V
-Sugarpill "Flamepoint" center of lid (orange)
-light blue color from 88 palette with Aromaleigh "Puffo" patted on top
-"Puffo" again on top of the Afterparty/Tako mixture
-"Tako" again blended from where the color ends up to brow
-Kat Von D black tattoo liner on upper lashline
-Stila eyeliner in "Blue Ribbon" on lower lashline and waterline
-Maybelline Falsies black mascara

-Avon "Sparkling Peach" all over
-Morgana's "Serenity" applied to the center of lips with finger

Maybe the lips were a bit much but ehh it's not like I'm wearing this out anyway. If I were to actually dress up as a Mudkip, I'd probably keep the lips neutral. I still don't know what to do next, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know :)

Hope you like this look, have a lovely evening! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Shinx

Shinx was my first Pokemon that I caught on Diamond (not including the starter). I didn't know what the heck I was doing at the time but I used Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray all the way through the whole game. Luxray was in my group in the final gym battle. Definitely one of my favs. :D

What I Used:
Nyx Jumbo pencils in Milk, Black Bean, and Electric blue as creamy bases for the colors
Jordana FabuLiner in black to create the outline of the wings
matte black from 88 palette on outer V
light blue color from 88 palette all over lid
Aromaleigh "Puffo" patted on top of the blue color to make it brighter and give it some sparkle
Sugarpill "Buttercupcake" in crease and lower lash line
Sugarpill "Tako" on inner corner and brow bone
Jordana FabuLiner again on upper lashline, and "Milk" on the waterline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

The process for this look was a little scatter-brained but I think it turned out pretty good. I haven't used Buttercupcake until now and I'm pretty impressed with it. It's a tad on the chalky side, but it's really pigmented and easy to work with. I think it looks really nice with "Puffo."

Let me know what you think, have a lovely evening! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Gastly

Like my photo editing? XD

I know I said Shinx was up next, but since today was the day to wear purple in memory of the recent suicides, I figured I'd bump Gastly up to go along with that. Not to say Gastly is gay or gets bullied (or maybe he does, I dunno) but he is, well, purple. ANYWAY, Shinx will be next I promise.

What I used:
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in black bean applied all the way around the eye and smudged with ring finger and also applied on the waterline
Sugarpill "Stella" applied all over the lid and lower lashline
Sugarpill "Poison Plum" blended into Stella and above
Sugarpill "Paperdoll" applied above Poison Plum and all the way up to the brow bone
Sugarpill"Tako" blended into Paperdoll on brow bone
Kat Von D black eyeliner pen
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

Morgana "Gargoyle" applied on the outer corners
Rimmel "Vintage Pink" in the center and on top of Gargoyle to blend together

I actually think Gengar is way cooler than Gastly, but I thought he would be cooler to it could be all smokey-like. This is definitely something I would wear out because it's so "me." It looks like I used all Sugarpill for this, but that's not really on purpose. That's probably going to be happening a lot for these Pokemon looks because they have pretty much the perfect colors for it. Thank you, Sugarpill, for making this easy haha

Hope you like it, have a lovely evening! ^-^

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Mew

Mew is awesome. There's only one, and he lives forever. He was the first Pokemon, and is thought to be the most powerful of them all. The best part is he's completely adorable, and says "Mew!" exactly like you'd expect him to.
Sometimes he looks really light pink, and sometimes darker pink, I just incorporated both into this look. Plus I just got my Sweetheart palette from Sugarpill and wanted to use Dollipop :P

What I Used:
Nyx Jumbo pencil in "Milk" on inner half of lid
Nyx Jumbo pencil in "Strawberry Milk" on outer half of lid
Nyx Jumbo pencil in "Electric Blue" lower lashline
Sugarpill "Dollipop" outer corner/crease (hot pink)
Glamour Doll Eyes "Dear Mom" center of lid (medium/light pink)
Aromaleigh "Amarena" (very light pink) inner corner
Aromaleigh "Puffo" lower lashline
Sugarpill "Tako" on inner corners and underneath brow
Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" (black) on upper lashline, extended out
"Milk" again on waterline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

Hope you like it! Again, I'm going to be doing these all month, so if you have any requests let me know! Up next is probably Shinx. :)

Here is a picture of my 14 year old cat, Red, in a hilarious pose. He stuck his leg up like he was going to wash it, then never did and just left it there.

Have a lovely evening!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Shaymin

Today's look is Shaymin! I love Shaymin. He's a legendary Pokemon, which makes you think he'd look really intense and intimidating but..nope. Just a cute little hedgehog thing. :) He was my 2nd choice for a Halloween costume..I was just going to get a white dress, a long green wig and a big pink flower to put in it.

What I used:
Bright grass green color from 88 palette on outer corner/crease and lower lashline
Shiro "Budew" patted on top of the green
Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk applied heavily all over the inner portion of lid
matte white color from the 88 palette patted on top of Milk
GDE "My Belle" and "Dear Mom" mixed together on lower inner lashline
Milk again on waterline
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in "Trooper" (black) on upper lashline and extended out
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

I didn't use a primer because I did this specifically for the blog, but if I were going to wear this out I definitely would have used one. Just didn't wanna waste any. :)

Let me know what you think, and tell me if you have any requests! So far I'm going to do Mew, Oddish, Marill, Dratini, and Shinx.

Giveaway Winners! has spoken! The lucky winners are..

1st place: Samelevennn, who won't be dressing up for Halloween this year, but has been posting some pretty amazing Halloween looks on her blog!
2nd place: Serena, who was Sailor Moon when she was 10! Awesome, I was Sailor Moon last year, at age 19. Does that make me lame? haha XD

Congrats winners! I have e-mailed you both, hope to hear from you! If you're bummed you didn't win, don't worry. I plan to do more giveaways in the future so stay tuned :) I really enjoyed reading about you guys' current and past Halloween costumes, I'm happy to have such creative readers ^-^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Pokemon for Halloween: Vaporeon

This is the first look of a bunch of Pokemon inspired looks I'm going to do for Halloween. Today is Vaporeon! Vaporeon is the water evolution of Eevee. I always really liked Vaporeon as a kid, I dunno why.

Please excuse my foundation-less face. :P

What I Used:
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Electric Blue" applied all over the outer corner/crease
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" smudged out all over the inner 1/2 of lid
Sugarpill "Afterparty" in outer corner/crease on top of Electric Blue
Morgana Minerals "Lady of the Lake" center of lid (turquoise-teal color)
Fyrinnae "Polar Bear" inner 1/2 of lid and lower lashline (white gold)
Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" on upper lashline
NYX Jumbo pencil in "Black Bean" on waterline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

I'm going to do a bunch of these. Any requests? I'm definitely going to do Mew, Marill, and Oddish(which is what my real Halloween costume is going to be). Let me know! :)

Fierce Black and Gold LOTD

I'm back from DC! Ahhh it was so fun, and do I need to even say Gorillaz were amazing? I'm going to post a few pictures later, but for now I wanted to show the look I did for the show. I rarely ever get the chance to get really glamorous so I took the opportunity.

What I Used:

Meow Cosmetics concealer
Covergirl "Clean" liquid foundation
Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation
Clinique blush in "Smoldering Plum"

Sugarpill "Goldilux" applied wet all over the lid
Sugarpill "Stella" in the outer corner/crease and lower lashline
NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" under brow and inner corners, smudged out
Shiro "Meowth" on inner corner and inner 1/2 of lower lash line
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in "Trooper" (black) on upper lashline
NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Black Bean" on waterline
Sherani false eyelashes

Rimmel lipstick in "Vintage Pink"
MAC "Hot House" lipglass

And that's it! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, I felt pretty! ^-^
I will be posting some pictures from our trip soon. Now that I'm back, I'm going to be doing a Halloween series. It's not going to be like other Halloween things...hah. I'm going to be an Oddish(it's a Pokemon) for Halloween this year so I'm going to be posting some looks inspired by Pokemon for the rest of this month. Just for fun. Be looking for Vaporeon! :) If you've got any requests let me know.

Have a great day!