Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everyday School Safe Look Using Sugarpill

I usually only post ridiculous looks so here's a normal one. Using..Sugarpill? Whut? Yeah, the new colors are actually pretty safe for day time! I wore this to school.

Meow Cosmetics concealer in a mixture of Frisky Himalayan and Frisky Persian
Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Frisky Persian

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" smudged out all over the lid as base, and on the brow/inner corners to highlight
Sugarpill "Paperdoll" all over lid
I didn't use any eyeliner or mascara :O

Bonne Bell lip gloss in Strawberry Parfait (yes it is as delicious as it sounds)

that's it! Not much at all. This is the kind of thing I wear to school, if I'm wearing makeup at all. Normally I can't be bothered to even wear makeup to school but if I have some extra time this is the type of thing I usually do. To me, Paperdoll isn't like other Sugarpill colors. I like it, but it's a pretty light, simple color. It does have some glitter but not a crazy amount. If you're interested in Sugarpill but are put off by the bright colors, I would definitely recommend Paperdoll. :)

Have a lovely evening!

Wait, there's an Ulta in my town? What?

So yeah. This week I realized there's an Ulta like, 30 minutes away from where I live. It's not literally in MY town, but it's pretty close. WHY I never noticed it before, I have no idea. All this time I thought I was out of the loop, only being able to go to Sephora when I travel to Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA. Wow. Anyway, of course I had to grab some stuff.

I got 2 China Glaze nail polishes (because they were buy 1 get 1 half off) in Turned Up Turquoise and High Roller and 4 NYX jumbo eye pencils in Cottage Cheese, Electric Blue, Strawberry Milk, and Yogurt. I love these things. I really like using them as a base for eyeshadow. I use a regular base, then put these on and smudge them out. They really make colors "pop."
I love the nail polish, too. I'd been needing some new colors. I painted my nails with "Turned Up Turquoise" and wow that color is ridiculous! It's funny because that's how I decided on the color. I had that one, and a more toned down teal and I said "I'm getting this one, it's more ridiculous."

Anyway, now that I know I have an Ulta, my bank account is going to be crying a lot...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stormy Silver and Pink EOTD Using Glamour Doll Eyes

Yesterday was Caleb's 22nd birthday and we went to get sushi with some of his friends and his parents. I dressed up really cute and I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of my outfit. Oh well, at least I got my makeup. However, these pictures were taken after I got home so it probably doesn't look as fresh as it could. I used all Glamour Doll Eyes for this look, but it wasn't really on purpose, just kinda happened.

What I Used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Glamour Doll Eyes "Premonition" in the outer corner/crease
Glamour Doll Eyes "Pistol Pistol" in the center of lid
Glamour Doll Eyes "Dear Mom" on inner corner and lower lashline
Maybelline liquid black eyeliner on upper lashline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean on waterline

I lovvvve all three of the GDE shadows I used. Premonition is an amazing crease color. I can't decide if it's purple, blue, or gray. Pistol Pistol is amazing as well. I love silvers and this one is really pigmented and easy to apply. Dear Mom is the cutest bubble gummy sparkly pink ever.

Well, I'm off to observe a prehistoric art exhibit and then write a paper on how the museum presented it. Can't wait! -_-

Have a lovely Sunday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2010 (Pictures!)

So my boyfriend and I attended AWA this year. Neither one of us had ever been before and wow it was huge. I'm not really a huge anime convention go-er (only been to a couple small ones) so it was a tad overwhelming but so fun!

Friday I went as Kagome from Inuyasha (green schoolgirl uniform) and on Saturday and Sunday I was Sheeta from the Hayao Miyazaki movie Castle in the Sky. I bought the Kagome costume, but I made/put together the Sheeta one myself. I bought the pants and the shoes, dyed the shirt, and made the belt and headband. My boyfriend, Caleb, went as Lupin from Lupin III. Hooray for old anime! His costume got a lot of attention, so many pictures were taken! Older people really appreciated my Sheeta one.
(I totally went out in public like this)Yeah, so, maybe you didn't know this but I've always loved Sailor Moon..

That adorable thing is a bag. I bought it to carry my camera around easily :)

Anyway, it was fun. I hope these pictures didn't slow your computer down too was worth it though, right? Right. We'll probably go back next year, we had so much fun. It's healthy to let your inner nerd out every once in a while. :)

Oh, and just in case you aren't a nerd:

More Fyrinnae Swatches

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Last week was busy and I went to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) this past weekend. It was so fun, expect pictures soon.

Anyway, I got some more Fyrinnae stuff today. These colors (aside from the purple) are pretty out of the ordinary for me. I don't usually get browns and toned down colors, but since I've started back to school I figured I should get something school appropriate. I got Polar Bear, Anemone, Strip Poker, Sake and Sashimi, Samhain Spirits, Snow Bunny, and Daemon's Tail as a free sample. I also got a lip lustre in "Shangri-La."

I love them all. My favorites are Polar Bear, Anemone, and Snow Bunny. (of course.) The lip lustre is gorgeous too, it looks good with my skin tone and is a lovely fall color!

Oops, they accidentally sent me two Samhain Spirits!I checked my receipt to see if I accidentally ordered two, but I didn't. You know what that means? It'll be included in the Sugarpill + other random stuff giveaway I'm planning to do once I get over 50 followers. :) Hooray!

"Snow Bunny" came with a cute little bunny picture and I glued it to the top of the jar :) ^-^

Have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GDE Customer Appreciation Sale Haul (swatches!)

So, remember the Glamour Doll Eyes customer appreciation sale? It was a while back, I know but I just got my order because Vee was unable to ship mine until after she got back from her vacation. She e-mailed me about it and was really sweet and I told her it was fine. If you weren't aware of the sale, they had all their full sized shadows for 50% off if you bought 8 or more ($3 a piece!) Since I had to wait, I got a free pair of false lashes! woot! Anyway, I swatched them all for you. I'm not sure which colors are popular and which ones aren't so I just did them all.

I swatched them on my leg. Feels silly, but so much easier to photograph!
I don't think I need to do color descriptions since these colors aren't new. I'm sure there are better photos and descriptions on 564645 other blogs. I would like to mention, though, that "Drag Queen" swatched weird. If it looks like a darkish blue eyeshadow with a green on top of it, that's because that's what happened. I don't know why, it looks like a lovely teal in the jar. I'm going to have to play around with that one. My favorites so far are Dear Mom, Premonition, Pistol Pistol, and Phyrra.

Eyelashes!I actually don't own any, so I was excited about this haha :D

I happen to be a big fan of GDE so I'm sure I'll love these. With that, I leave you with my laptop wallpaper. Check the WoW icon. I know, I'm cool.

Have a lovely evening!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black and White Polka Dot Nails

I got the idea for this from cutepolish from youtube. I just bought some brand new white, black, and silver glitter, too.

Pure Ice is my favorite brand of nail polish. They have such pretty colors and for only $2.00 a bottle! I used this brand for the silver stripe and the white polka dots. The black is NYC and the base/top coat is Rimmel.

Non-nail related: So, I recently placed another Fyrinnae order. Since I've started back at school (and since they have such a wide variety) I figured I'd get some neutral-ish "wearable" colors. I got Sake & Sashimi, Anemone, Strip Poker, Samhain Spirits, Polar Bear, and Snow Bunny. Snow Bunny doesn't really fit in that category but I could afford to get one more so I threw it in last minute. I also got the Shangri-La lip lustre. Has anyone tried any of these colors? If so, let me know what you think. I'll probably swatch them once I get them.

Have a lovely evening! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warm Fall Colors FOTD

I love fall, don't you? It's probably my favorite season, but mostly just because it means it's time for Halloween :D It's not really getting cool here yet, but I can feel the season transitioning. You know how I can tell? My skin is breaking out. That could be from the weather, the stress of school, or both I don't really know. In any case, I did a lovely warm fall-ish look for you today. Warm, not neutral though. :)

For those of you who don't like a lot of lip color, here's what it looks like without any:

And for everyone else, here's the finished look:
What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy applied to the outer corner/crease
Morgana Minerals "Witch's Wine" on outer corner/crease and outer 1/2 of lower lashline
Moi Minerals "Hot as Hell" on center of lid
Fyrinnae "Rapunzel Had Extensions" on inner corner and inner 1/2 of lower lashline
matte white color from 88 palette underneath brow
Maybelline black eyeliner on waterline
Maybelline "Great Lash: BIG" black mascara (Michelle Phan says this stuff is crap, but guess what Michelle: You wrong :D)

Covergirl "Clean" liquid foundation
Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in "Frisky Persian"
Clinique blush in "Smoldering Plum"

Morgana Minerals "Very Cherry"
Avon plumping lipstick in "Peach Daquiri" (a light orange color just to make the red a bit warmer)

And that's it! I actually did this look in the middle of the night because I was bored so I didn't get to wear it anywhere, so I'll definitely be doing this again. I might even do a video tutorial for it..hmm… :)

Have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Date Night EOTD

Last night my boyfriend, Caleb, and I went to go see "Going the Distance." I really have no idea why I continue to go into movies like that thinking "Oh, this one will be different." It's always the same ol' thing. I only wanted to see it because it had Jim Gaffigan in it, and I love that man. His standup is hilarious. Needless to say, the movie sucked. It was painfully predictable. Oh well, at least my makeup looked pretty! :D

What I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Sugarpill "Stella" outer crease and lower lash line (sparkly black)
Moi Minerals "Galaxy" blended into and just next to "Stella" (sparkly blue/gray)
Glamour Doll Eyes "Unicorn" inner 1/3 of lid (purpley pink color)
Glamour Doll Eyes "Family Secret" inner corner and browbone
Maybelline black eyeliner on waterline
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

You really can't see the crazy sparkly-ness of "Stella" and "Galaxy" in these pictures, but wow. I'm in love with both of these colors.

In other news, Caleb is cute when he's helping me photograph weddings! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FOTD Using New Sugarpill

So I actually did this look yesterday, but didn't want to overload you with posts. Before I put up the pictures I wanted to mention that I'm thinking about doing a small giveaway in the near future. I figured since the Sugarpill jars are HUGE and there's no way I could ever use them up I could sample them and give them away. Obviously I want to get more readers before I do this, but what do you guys think? Should I? I'm happy to share, and I'd never send you something I didn't love myself! Let me know. :)

Anyway, onto the FOTD.

teehee. :P

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Sugarpill "Darling" on center of lid
Sugarpill "Paperdoll" in crease and on lower lashline
Glamour Doll Eyes "Family Secret" on browbone and inner corners
Maybelline black eyeliner on lower outer 1/2 of lashline
Jordana Fabuliner in black on upper lashline and extended out in 3 wings
Maybelline Falsies black mascara

Meow Cosmetics concealer in Frisky Persian/Himalayan(mixed)
Cover Girl Clean liquid foundation
CoverGirl Clean powder foundation
Meow Cosmetics "Racy" blush

Clear gloss mixed with Sugarpill "Paperdoll"

Turquoise and purple are my favorite colors to put together! I'd paint my room those colors if I could. I know the "wings" are a little funky on this look but don't worry..I didn't go out in public haha :)

Let me know what you think! About the look and the Sugarpill sample giveaway.

Have a lovely evening!