Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fairy Princess Unicorn LOTD

..that's what it made me think of, anyway.

- e.l.f. primer
-Covergirl Aqua Smooth foundation in "Classic Ivory"
-e.l.f. Complexion Perfection (I just use this stuff as a setting powder, it definitely doesn't perfect my complexion)
-Clinique blush in "Smoldering Plum"

-NYX "Milk" blended out all over lid
-Sugarpill "Poison Plum" in crease and lower lashline
-Sugarpill "Paperdoll" outer 1/3 and sort of blended into Poison Plum
-Persephone Minerals "Sailor Chibi Moon" center of lids
-Persephone Minerals "Small Lady" inner 1/3 of lids
-Kat Von D black eyeliner pen on upper lashline
-MAC Feline black eyeliner on waterline
-Maybelline Lash Blast Fusion mascara

-Fyrinnae lip lustre in "Shangri-La"

Man this look is mega-girly. Not a bad thing, though, I like to look like a princess every now and then. I mean, that's why we're all here, right?

Have a lovely evening! :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

LOTD on a Cold Summer Day

It really was a cold summer day yesterday. I have no idea why. I was actually shivering in shorts and a thin hoodie. In JULY. In a humid subtropical climate. Wut? Today was fine though, I don't know. Bipolar weather, amirite?

-Covergirl Aqua Smooth foundation in Classic Ivory
-Clinique Blush in "Smoldering Plum"
-e.l.f. Complexion Perfection

-Fyrinnae "Rapunzel Had Extensions" all over the main lid
-Morgana Cryptoria "Grog Blossom" in crease and outer lower lashline
-NYX "Cottage Cheese" inner corners
-Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper" on outer upper lashline
-NYX "Milk" on waterline
-MAC Feline on outer lower lashline
-Maybelline Lashblast Fusion black mascara

-Morgana Cryptoria "Amethyst"

I don't usually wear orange. It's just not my favorite color at all, I don't think it looks great on me. However, these are two exceptions. I've never used them together but I like it for a simple look. The lipstick ,Amethyst, is a little difficult to apply(kinda patchy), but I'm in love with the color. It's more of a fall/winter shade I guess, but since when do I follow makeup rules?

Have a lovely evening!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Geo Tri Color Green Contacts from Candylens Review

OK, first off I just want to let everyone know that I've never worn contacts before in my life. I've been wanting to get some color contacts for a long time just for fun, and I finally got some. I don't need any vision correction, so these are purely for funsies.

I saw where Phyrra had reviewed some circle lenses from Candylens a while ago and that's what brought me to the site. They have tons and tons of lenses to choose from, some being the big dolly-eye looking ones and some being "normal" ones. The website is pretty easy to navigate, I like the lenses are categorized by color, brand, or power. If you do need vision correction, a lot of them come in prescription form. Not all of them do, though, which is kind of a bummer.

Shipping was $5.00 and it took about 2 weeks to get here(Korea to U.S.). The packaging was lovely! The lenses came in a cute little gift box and I even got a handwritten thank you card. Things like that make me happy :) The little hippo case you see came free with the lenses. All their lenses come with a free case, which I think is nice. I also like that the case is green and I got green contacts. I think they do that on purpose, which would make it easy to store them if you have lots.

Now, onto the actual lenses! The ones I got are called "Geo Tri Color Green," and they were $20.90. I chose green because I've always wanted green eyes. My mom has them and I was always jealous. She always wanted blue, though, so I guess we just all want what we don't have haha(My eyes look crazy in that last photo haha)
As you can see, these show up REALLY well on dark eyes! I was worried they were going to look odd, or maybe not even show up since my eyes are SO dark, but I think they look pretty darn natural. I think the fact that they're "tri color" makes them look more natural because it blends into your natural eye color. These are definitely noticeable but not overly so (I tested this on my oblivious dad, he noticed after a few minutes of me blinking at him). Since I've never used contacts before, I had a little trouble getting the first one in, but after I did the second one was a breeze. They feel a little odd at first, but you get used to it. I didn't experience any blurring or tearing up, it kind of just feels like you have too much mascara on haha

What do you guys think? It's hard to get the full effect through pictures, but I really like them! I was really impressed with Candylens' customer service, and I think the lenses are a definite win. I'm hoping to try some blue ones next, and I also need some pink ones for a cosplay I'm working on :D

Have a lovely evening!