Sunday, November 27, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Mini Haul Swatches

It's been a long time since I've ordered from Morgana, and woah has she added new stuff! Glosses, gel lipsticks, was overwhelming. I knew she'd be doing a Black Friday sale, so I wanted to get a few things to try out so if I liked them, I could go buck wild during the sale. I bought some stuff, but I didn't get too crazy, fortunately. haha
Anyway, I ordered one gel lipstick (Athena), one balm (Merlot), one gloss (Fallen Leaves) and one eyeshadow (Pyramid Scheme). I always try to order at least one eyeshadow whenever I buy from Morgana because it seems like with all her amazing lip products, her eyeshadows get overlooked. They shouldn't though, they're pretty awesome as well.
My tiny, adorable little haul. :P

Merlot lip balm:Woah! This is no ordinary lip balm. I was kind of expecting something sheer and slick, but this is no such thing. It's got just the right amount of pigment and is really smooth. I didn't wear it very long, so I can't say how long it lasts, but it does make your lips feel soft. I can't believe how many different colors there are of these too, I had a hard time deciding. I went with this dark red because I figured I'd wear it a lot during winter.

Athena gel lipstick:Couldn't pass up a pretty purple! This one is really soft, and looks quite shiny on the lips. I think the finish looks great with the color, but I can't tell if this one would be very long wearing or not. It says on the site that they last a long time if you don't purse your lips together, but that's bad news for me because I have a habit of doing that almost constantly.

Fallen Leaves gloss:I applied this one with a lip brush, so that's why my cupids bow looks so sculpted, haha. When I first opened the pot, there was a lot of gloss stuck to the top and it kinda flung out on me a little so you have to be careful with these. However, I LOVE this stuff! I think the color is beautiful for fall and winter, and the green duochrome is very noticable, but not so much that it's weird. I got this with a cinnamon scent, and it's kind of tingly. This one I did wear a long time, and it lasts quite a while! Especially for a gloss. The pot is cheaper than the tube, but I think it comes with plenty of product, for me anyway.

Pyramid Scheme eyeshadow: A very pretty nude eyeshadow. It's kind of pinkish tan with gold sparkles. It doesn't look as pink on me as it does in the jar because I have so much yellow in my eyelids. I like this one a lot because I can see it going with just about anything.

Well, that's all for now. It's been WAAAY too long since I've gotten any goodies (been on a long no-buy) but I'm slowly getting back into the game. I'm trying to catch up on everyone else's posts as well. The semester is almost over, so thank GOD for that. You'll probably be seeing more of me from now on, like it or not. :D

Have a lovely evening!


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