Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sugar Skull - LOTD

Okay, I guess technically this isn't a look of the day if I didn't wear it out, but I had to share. I volunteered to help with a Halloween photoshoot my college is doing this week, and I signed up to do make up as well as pictures. Well, today was one of my days to volunteer and no one showed! My school is really terrible about letting students know what's going on. Ah well, I got all pumped to do Halloween makeup and then had no customers, so I did this on myself tonight. I've never done a sugar skull face before, so it's not that great, but I still rather like it. :)

To make my face white, I used Sugarpill "Tako" white eyeshadow because I don't have any neato white foundation or anything like that. I used Sugarpill "Bulletproof" very sparingly on the hollows of my cheeks to create the "sunken in" look.
I used white eyeliner to do all the preliminary drawings and then went back in with black. I used NYX "Black Bean" on the nose and in the eye area, but man does that stuff smear easily. It'd probably help to use a good base and some matte black eyeshadow on top. I put Sugarpill "Afterparty" on my lids and blended it into the black.
For the lips, I used NYX "Milk" to make them white and used my Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner pen to create the lines. For I also used this for the little curlies around the heart on my forehead. The heart is filled in with Sugarpill "Love+."

That's it! I thought it was worth sharing :) In other news, my actual Halloween costume this year is Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. What are you guys doing this year?


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