Thursday, July 29, 2010

New jewelry, sales updates and whatnot

So in case you didn't already know this, I make and sell jewelry on Etsy. I've been selling jewelry for about a year now but have been making it literally for as long as I've had fine motor skills. Check out my store here to see what all I've got for sale! :)

I make all kinds of things, but my most popular items are glass tile pendants. This cute Totoro pendant is my most popular item, I really can't keep them!

Even though I love making these and I'm super happy that people have responded so well to them, I miss selling my beaded type stuff. That's what I really love doing but it just isn't as popular. These days I like to do "Victorian" themed stuff. This is my latest design, but it hasn't been getting very much attention.

I don't know, we'll see if it picks up. Again, I'm happy that my glass tiles get so much attention because they are adorable and so easily customizable. I just miss being able to get super creative is all. Until next time, guess I should get to work on some glass tile pendants!


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