Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes: A Review by a Regular Person

*Please Note: This entry was imported from my Xanga account. It was originally written on July 18, 2010. All items mentioned were selected and purchased by me. Nobody asked me to write this review, or sent me anything for free.

I recently made a small order with a makeup company called Glamour Doll Eyes. I hadn't heard much about them, and what I did hear was mixed reviews. Hopefully this review will help you in deciding whether or not you want to order from this company, as these are my honest opinions.

I had heard that their shipping was somewhat slow, but I received my items in exactly one week. That's a really reasonable amount of time to wait in my opinion. Everything came in a bubble mailer and all the jars were inside a large Ziploc bag. There were several business cards included. Shipping is FREE for orders of just samples (which is what I did) and for orders over $30.00. You can choose your shipping method otherwise, so I don't know the exact prices.

The Stuff
I ordered four sample jars of eyeshadow. The sample jars are small and come with about 1 gram of product for $2.50. This is actually a pretty good deal if you ask me. You can also purchase sample baggies for $1.50 that contain 1/2 gram of product. You automatically received 2 free sample baggies of 2 random colors with your purchase, so that's pretty cool. The full size jars contain 2-2.5 grams of product (without sifter) and 1.5-2 grams of product (with sifter). It's good that you can choose to get a sifter or not, because I know a lot of people like having them. I personally think they get in the way. The full size jars are $6.00.

I got Immature (bright green but not neon), Unicorn(a pretty shimmery purple-pink color), Veteran(navy blue with red sparkles), and Family Secret(a bright shimmery white). "Family Secret" is a "Twi" shadow from a collection of shadows that are based off of the characters from Twilight. While I am not a fan of Twilight, I thought the name "Twi-shadows" was adorable and the color looked really nice. I'm pretty sure you can order the entire Twilight collection for a discounted price, as well as some other collections.

Here is a look I did using Unicorn on the lid, Immature in the outer V/crease, and Family Secret in the inner corner. Immature doesn't look as bright in this photo as it is in real life, it's actually a really lovely bright green.

For this one I used Unicorn on the lid(can you tell I love this color?) and Veteran in the outer V/crease and as an eyeliner with Family Secret in the corner. Unicorn is so "me" and Family Secret is the PERFECT shimmery highlight color. I absolutely love it. Veteran is also a really great color, I had been searching for a good dark blue for a while. I used a primer for both of these looks.

For my two free small sample colors I received "After Prom" which is a "pinkish purple with a slight black undertone and pink/silver sparkle," and "Behind the Scenes" which is "a metallic-ish brown with gold and bronze sparkle." Behind the Scenes isn't a color that I would order on my own but after trying it I love it! It's very true to the description.

Just testing out Behind the Scenes. I didn't use a primer this time. Even though I have no problem wearing bright colors in the middle of the day, I would say this is a very wearable color, perfect for wearing to grandma's while still being very pretty and not boring. I'm thinking of ordering the bigger size in this when my sample runs out.

I really, really like Glamour Doll Eyes. I would definitely order from them again, and would recommend them to anyone. I think these eye shadows are really pretty and blend like a dream. They also have a fairly large selection of colors to choose from, with colors to suit any look or personality. Also, most of their shadows are vegan unless stated otherwise.
I definitely recommend this brand. I recommend getting the $2.50 sample jars! The sample sizes are so generous(even in the baggies) and if you decide to order the full size in a color you already have sample for, you can specify this and the price of the sample is subtracted so you only end up paying $3.50 if you got the jar and $4.50 if you got the baggie. Cool, right? I think that's a very nice feature. I'm all about saving money without losing quality along the way, and I definitely think GDE have quality shadows, or at least the colors I tried.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions! Now go try out Glamour Doll Eyes for yourself! :)


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