Sunday, March 4, 2012

Evil Shades Swatches

I finally FINALLY got around to ordering from Evil Shades! I've heard nothing but praises about this company so I've been wanting to try them for a really long time and finally did. I didn't order much, but I made sure to sample both lip products as well as eyeshadow. I got 3 of each. Here are my swatches, and I'll post a look I did using some of these in a second.
Here are the three eyeshadows I got. Venom is a really pretty sparkly black, and it is VERY dark and pigmented. Wanderflower is like a muted, dusty shimmery teal. Nymphette(which I believe is named after the blogger) is a beautiful silky midnight blue. I'm very impressed with them so far. They apply evenly and last a long time.
I don't have any lip swatches for you this time, but I can assure you I will be wearing these in looks. Deception and Lost Kiss are "Hardcore Glosses" and look amazing. Deception looks darker in this swatch than it really is, but its kind of a brownish nude shade. I haven't tried Lost Kiss yet, but from the swatch it kind of reminds me of Fyrinnae's "Lollipop-pop" lip lustre from forever ago. Caged Gypsy is a "Deviant Lipstick" that I honestly bought for the name. (I have a rabbit named Gypsy that happens to live in a cage. :3) It's sort of hard to tell from the swatch but it's a pretty pinky coral shade. Candied is a freebie I got which I think is from a new line of "whipped lip butters." I haven't tried it out yet but it looks lovely.

I haven't really had these long enough to do a full review but I wanted to post some swatches at least. Stay tuned for a LOTD using some of these goodies! :)


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