Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Photography and Two Looks: Gold and Silver Smokey-ness

There ARE two looks in here, I promise! Last weekend, my friend, Amanda, and I made plans to take pictures. I really enjoy taking pictures and she really enjoys modeling, so it works out. I've been doing a lot of really traditional photography lately, which is good, but I miss doing the more arty type stuff from time to time. This was meant to remedy that. For the first part of the day, I just took some rural looking pictures of her around my barn in my pasture. Here's a couple of those:
This last one really shows her true personality haha

Now, the second part is where SHE took over. We set up a really REALLY pathetic studio in my house and took some of her pictures. Some of them are of me, yikes. Anyway, I did both her makeup and my own and it turned out looking pretty good.

-Sugarpill "Goldilux" applied wet all over the main lid
-Aromaleigh "Viburnum" in crease and lower 1/2 of lashline, blended way up
-Persephone Minerals "Pegasus" applied wet on inner lower lashline
-Kat Von D tattoo liner on upper lashline

Clinique blush in "Smoldering Plum" on hollows of the cheeks

-Morgana Cryptoria "Wisteria"
-Keihls nude lip gloss layered on top to tone down the coolness of Wisteria

-Sugarpill "Tiara" applied wet on main lid
-Shiro Cosmetics "Ganondorf" in crease/outer half of lower lashline
-Sugarpill "Lumi" applied wet to inner corners/lower lashline
-KVD tattoo liner pen
-Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

-Revlon "Mulled Wine"
-Morgana Cryptoria "Wisteria" directly in the center for dimension

We were trying to go for the gold vs. silver thing. I really like putting makeup on other people, it's fun to see how different colors look on people with different eye colors and complexions. I personally think Goldilux looks amazing on her. Just for fun, here are a few silly pictures from the Amanda-directed photoshoot. Try not to laugh :)

Sorry for the picture overload! Have a lovely Sunday! :)


  1. You are both so pretty!! I think gold really compliments her well, and silver compliments you well. Both of your photoshoots are very cute too. :)

  2. Thank you! It was fun haha but I certainly felt silly :P

  3. Great pictures! I really enjoyed seeing them :) And I loved the looks aswell. The gold one is amazing!

  4. All of these photos are great! I'm loving the flash of aqua on the lower lash line in your makeup look!

  5. Hey, you, Gorgeous... Meet me in Heaven, girl, where I can kiss thy feet. God bless.

  6. Your photos are amaazing, and hers are good too :D You both look fantastic! I especially love the colors you did on your eyes. X3
    Also...I tagged you with a silly blog award at :

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  7. Hey love your blog haha ! i was wondering..what camera do you have ??